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left no message hung up

Posted: 2016-09-27


A quick Google of the number shows that they have been advertising "blue and gold macaws" across the country.

Posted: 2016-09-27


text message for a purchase on craigslist

Posted: 2016-09-27


Owner of who sells fake oakley sunglasses.

Posted: 2016-09-27


I answer they hang up.

Posted: 2016-09-27


These people call incessantly - trying to push products we have nothing to do with. In a noisy call-center, most are heavily-accented. Best not to even pick up the phone to 972-247-1203, and just ignore them.

Posted: 2016-09-27


Have called twice in two days. No message left.

Posted: 2016-09-27


I'm suddenly getting a lot of calls from NC. Hickory, NC calls over and over. Today I'm getting them from Wilminton, NC. (910) 616-6385 and (828) 962-0704. If anyone has info. to post about repeated calls from NC I would appreciate anything you can share.

Posted: 2016-09-27


This # is scammers. They are posing as military man n leaving his wife's email. Trying to buy dirtbikes with PayPal then take $ back out acct. n they can do this via PayPal terms n conditions

Posted: 2016-09-27


Also received the same message. Spam

Posted: 2016-09-27


Xue Huang called from (973) 551-5555. I couldn't understand who he was asking for. He started spelling some name very quickly. I told him we had no one here by that name & that he had the wrong number. Hasn't called back (YET).

Posted: 2016-09-27


Annoying anonymous call from 815-668-0124 It did not display the name of any person, nor the name of a company, only the number. We do not trust clandestine callers, therefore we never answer their calls.

Posted: 2016-09-27


Harassing me

Posted: 2016-09-27


Ring twice, then hangs up, then calls back immediately. Doesn't ever leave message.

Posted: 2016-09-27


1 972-331-4159 They called my aunt. Grandma brother.... Wtf

Posted: 2016-09-27


Just received a call from the number from Boston MA. Answered and no one spoke, so I hung up.

Posted: 2016-09-27


Calls EVERY day. I blocked them after the first call but they're not smart enough to figure that out.

Posted: 2016-09-27


IRS scam number

Posted: 2016-09-27


They are also calling from 412-205-8827 with the same female robot.

Posted: 2016-09-27


Called my cell.

Posted: 2016-09-27

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